Storefront settings

Navigate to Apps > CoAttend > Settings > Storefront. On this page you can customize the look of your storefront widget.


In this section you can disable or enable CoAttend widget from your storefront. Note that by disabling CoAttend, all your events will be deactivated.

Storefront customization

Change the format of your dates and time. In addition, you can show/hide price, availability and timezone in your storefront widget.

Storefront form

Enable/disable the email field from your Add an attendee form.
Note: If the email field is disabled or not required, your customers will not receive emails.

Multilingual support

Select your widget's default language. If you are using multiple languages in your storefront, you can show the language switcher and choose the visible languages.

Customize texts & colors

You can customize the texts and colors of your buttons and headers.
Note that you can switch the language from the top-right and have different texts per language.

Remove branding

Add/remove branding "powered by CoAttend" from your storefront widget.