Calendar settings

Navigate to Apps > CoAttend > Settings > Calendar. On this page you can customize the look of your calendar page.

Customize texts

On this section you can edit the Title and Description text of you calendar page. The description will appear below the title. Note that you can switch the language from the the top-right corner.


CoAttend offers four separate views for your calendar page (Month, Week, List and Grid view). Check the active views and your customers will be able to switch between.

Month view example Month view example.

Week view example Week view example.

List view example List view example.

Grid view example Grid view example.


Check the filters that you wish to enable for your calendar. Furthermore, you have the option to customize the text of the filters for each language.

Filter's options Filter's options.

Pre-applied filters

It's easy to generate a calendar page with pre-applied filters.

  1. Navigate to the desired event, location or instructor page and copy the ID. Copy location's ID example Copy location's ID example.
  2. Follow this guide and create a new calendar page template in your current theme.
  3. Paste the event, location or instructor ID to the desired filter and click Save. Se tht pre-applied filters example Set the pre-applied filters. The new calendar page will have the selected filters already applied.