Google calendar

Connect your Google Calendar and sync your events and bookings.

  • Events and bookings will sync automatically with your calendars and your attendees calendars.
  • You can set event notifications and share your calendars with your instuctors in the Google Calendar settings page.
  • You can view your attendees on your Google calendars.
  • Rescheduling your events or cancelling your bookings, will update your Google calendars.

Note: Any changes made to your Google Calendar will not reflect to CoAttend (1-way sync).

Set up the Google calendar sync integration

  1. Navigate to Apps > CoAttend > Settings > Google Calendar and click the Sign in with Google button.
  2. Follow the process and make sure to check the below boxes. This is required for us to do a proper sync. In any other case, the permissions won't be given and the calendar(s) won't sync correctly.drawing Check these boxes.
  3. After the sign-in process is done, click the Add Calendar button. Add Calendar button
  4. Type to create a new Google Calendar. This will be a seconday calendar to your account and it won't affect your main calendar. Pro plan allows you to sync your events and bookings to up to 10 different calendars. Create Google Calendar
  5. Select to sync all or specific events to your Google Calendar(s).
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Click the Sync to Google Calendar button to sync your existing events and bookings. Sync to Google Calendar button
  8. Your events and bookings will automatically sync to your Google Calendar. Events will appear to your attendee's calendar too (Google, Outlook etc), nevertheless, the guest list will be hidden. Guests Bookings will appear under the guests section (this will be hidden to your attendee's calendar).

Share your calendars and customize event notifications

You can share your calendars with your instructors, customize your Google event notifications and change your calendar settings from the Google calendar settings page.

  1. Click the Calendar settings button. Calendar settings
  2. Customize your settings and enable the "Make changes to events" option. Customize settings

Disconnect your Google calendar

To disconnect your Google calendar from CoAttend:

  1. Click the Disconnect button and confirm. Disconnect
  2. Click the Save button.

Your events and bookings won't sync to this calendar.