Automatic Notifications

Schedule and send automatic email reminders, "thank you" , follow-up and feedback emails to your attendees and staff (available on Basic and Pro plans).

Schedule an email notification

  1. Navigate to Apps > CoAttend > Settings > Email Notifications.
  2. Click the Add Notification button.
  3. Fill the name of the notification (for example: Reminder email 1 day before the event starts) and select the recipient. Schedule an email notification
  4. Select if this notification applies to all or specific events. This option gives you the ability to create custom notifications for specific events.
  5. Setup the rules for this notification. The notification will be send automatically based on these rules. You can add up to 3 rules per notification. Notification rules In this example, the notification will be send 1 day before the event starts
  6. A Custom Email Template will be used for each notification. Click the Add template button or search and select an existing Email Template. The recipient of the Email Template should match Notification's recipient. Specific email placeholders apply to each recipient. Notification email template
  7. Set the Status of the notification to Active and click Save.
  8. Navigate back to Email Notifications and click the Scheduled Notifications button.
    Scheduled Notifications
  9. In this page, you can view your Scheduled and Completed notifications per event. Scheduled Notifications page