Save time with user-friendly features

Customized widget

Customize the look and feel of your storefront by adding banners, descriptions, instructors etc.


Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Russian and Greek.

Multiple attendees per booking

Allow your customers to add multiple people onto a single event at the same time.


Attendees can choose a date/time from a calendar. Time zone support included!


Send confirmation, cancellation and reschedule emails to your customers & setup automated email notifications.

Google Calendar Sync

Events and bookings will sync automatically with your Google calendar(s) and your attendees calendars.

Unlimited bookings

Unlike others, we don't add extra fees to every booking sold.

Edit emails

Edit the content of your emails and add your company logo and signature.

Custom fields

Create your own custom fields and capture data from your attendees.

Manage bookings

With one click of the mouse, you can easily add, cancel, import or export bookings.

Calendar integration

Customers can import the dates of your event to their calendar (.ics file).

Responsive design

Give a smooth and optimized experience to your customers. On every device!

Shopify checkout

Sell your events directly from your storefront. Don't redirect your customers away.

Embedded Shopify app

CoAttend loads inside of Shopify admin giving a seemless user experience.

Shopify POS integration

Easily add in-person, phone or email bookings via our Shopify POS integration.

Event Structured Data

Improve your search resutls with our Google Event Structured Data integration.

Shopify Flow integration

Automate your workflows via our
Shopify Flow integration.