Frequently asked questions

What is CoAttend?

CoAttend is a Shopify booking app that allows your customers to book services directly from your Shopify storefront. It's perfect for events, classes, workshops, courses, activities, business seminars, tours and more.

How can I try CoAttend?

There is a Demo Shopify store where you'll find some examples and see CoAttend in action. To try the app, you'll need an active Shopify Store and CoAttend installed in your store. To install the app, click on this link.

Are there any additional fees?

No. CoAttend does not take any percentage of your booking sales. Our plans charge a flat monthly subscription that will appear on your regular Shopify subscription bill.

How can I change/upgrade/downgrade my current plan?

On your Shopify admin, click Apps > CoAttend > Plans and select your plan.

Does CoAttend support languages other that English?

Yes! CoAttend is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Russian and Greek.

How to create a new event?

You'll find detailed instructions on how to create products and events on our Getting started guide.

Can I customize my storefront widget?

Yes! From your Shopify admin navigate to Apps > CoAttend > Settings and click on Storefront. From this page, you can customize your storefront's texts, date formats, buttons, colors etc.

How can I remove the "powered by CoAttend" branding from my storefront?

From your Shopify admin navigate to Apps > CoAttend > Settings and click on Storefront. Check Remove Branding and click Save.

How can I change the email settings?

From your Shopify admin navigate to Apps > CoAttend > Settings and click on Email. From this page, you can update the email's logo and email notifications.

Can I edit the content of the emails?

From your Shopify admin navigate to Apps > CoAttend > Email templates and select the template that you wish to edit.

I've changed the dates/locations of my event. Is it possible to notify the attendees?

Yes! You can send a reschedule email to all active attendees. From Shopify admin go to Apps > CoAttend > Events and click on the event that you wish to change. After you save the event click on the button Send rescheduled email. Note that you can edit the content of this email on the Email Templates page.

How can I cancel a booking?

If you cancel an order from your Shopify admin (Orders section), all the bookings will be cancelled automatically and cancellation emails will be sent (this option needs to be enabled on CoAttend's Email settings page). If you want to cancel a single booking, you can navigate to Apps > CoAttend > Bookings, find the booking and click Cancel this booking. In this case, the inventory will NOT be updated automatically. If you need to change the availability for this event, you can navigate to Products, find the product and update the inventory.

My store is using a Shopify Vintage Theme. How I can uninstall CoAttend from my store?

  1. On your Shopify admin navigate to Online store -> Themes.
  2. Click to Current Theme's Actions > Edit code.
  3. Delete product.coattend.liquid and page.coattend_calendar.liquid files under the Templates section.
  4. On your Shopify admin click Apps, find CoAttend and click Delete.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Don’t worry if you didn’t find the answer to your question here. You can always contact us at and ask any question or leave feedback.